Answer on @Quora by @xamat to How do I learn machine learning?

Deep thought

I didn’t do a PhD on machine learning (was mostly focused on Signal Processing and Software Engineering) so I get this question a lot. The typical person that asks me this question is a software engineer with a computer science background, so I will address it from that perspective. If you are a Math major, for example, my answer might be less useful.

The first thing I tell someone who wants to get into machine learning is to take Andrew Ng’s online course. I think Ng’s course is very much to-the-point and very well organized, so it is a great introduction for someone wanting to get into ML. I am surprised when people tell me the course is “too basic” or “too superficial”. If they tell me that I ask them to explain the difference between Logistic Regression and Linear Kernel SVMs, PCA vs. Matrix Factorization, regularization, or…

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