Study Source Code: Episode 1 –


Whenever I talk to other people, I say “I love open source software and hate proprietary ones”. However, have you ever read the source code yourself? I rarely read the source code of any tools that I use, but I benefited so much whenever I took a look. Also, these days, our team got stuck with our hadoop environment. Some people complaint it is all screwed up but they cannot correctly identify what is going wrong.  Other people say everything is doing fine but they also cannot face the fact that all the Hive queries take way much longer than everyone expected. Based on two things that I mentioned above, I decide to take a look at the source of Hadoop/HDFS …etc. I am more like a Python programmer and my only knowledge of Java is no more than `System.out.println()` and `java -jar` to run the jar file. However, since…

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